Saturday, 11 June 2016

Bin the microbeads and ban animal testing!

The other day I vowed I would stop using products containing micro-beads and products which are tested on animals and start using more Lush products.  I'm already a huge lush-o-holic but now even more!  This isn't a post aiming to convert you or anything but to explain why I have.

The first thing I would like to make clear is that I am not vegan or even vegetarian and yes, I am an animal rights activist but no, this is not a contradiction.  I would like to start by saying highly respect all vegans and vegetarians before the haters start but look in nature.  Animals eat other animals but they don't shove chemicals at each other and compare chemical burns.  The only reason we test on animals is because, unlike humans, they are defenceless and can't fight back.  The part that I fail to understand is that we test products designed for use on humans on animals that aren't even the same species or genus.  For those who aren't big on biology there is a thing called the order of hierarchy which indicates how closely we are relates to other organisms.  Humans for example are a species and then we have the genus 'homo' then family, order and so on.  As you get further away from species there are more members of a group but less similarities and most of the animals tested on fall in the same order as humans meaning that there are so few similarities so what a rabbit for example may be fine with could have serious implications on humans.

So micro-beads!

For those that don't know micro-beads are little pieces of plastic used in face scrubs which are incredibly bad for the environment. As a keen marine biologist it devastates me to see the effects.  They scratch away and destroy the sea bed and any life living there including coral reefs and not to forget are then eaten by fish but the are not biodegradable and can't be passed through a fishes digestive system and therefore build up and become catastrophic to the fishes survival.  It also can become caught in the fishes gills impairing gas exchange.  It would be the equivalent of shoving your mouth which ping-pong balls and trying to breath.

They are currently becoming banned in America and Australia have never allowed them yet here in the UK we still have them because the cocks we have in power are a bunch of bellends who care more about covering the expenses of their 5 houses and 10 Roles Royce cars and their million pound pay checks than listening to the wishes of the people they are supposed to represent!