Thursday, 8 December 2016

Back but things have changed

So incase you haven't noticed I've been gone since October! So here's the thing. A lot has changed recently and I haven't ran in about 2 months for many reasons and I hope to again soon but right now I have exams coming up which I'm focusing on.

So anyway I know I've been gone but things are getting better.  A lot has changed and I have a lot of new adventures and not just the whole uni applications and in fact I think it going to have to take a whole post of its own.  I'm very excited about this and I would love for you guys to be involved if you can! Obviously I don't expect all my American readers to fly over of from wherever else but anyone near by that would be awesome!

So today and yesterday a lot of stuff happened and I've been thinking about coming back for a while but now I am.  I looked at my figures earlier and decided if anyone is still here reading my shit I'd come back and... Well... You are! I have no idea why but I love you guys for it!  I've been gone for almost 2 months with no explanation and you've stuck around!  Dedication.

So anyway, things are changing and especially for the moment I will be focusing on music for reasons that will soon come apparent and other stuff as recently my body has completely let me down and I'm not being very 'sporty' at the moment but a lot more 'spoonie.'

More will be revealed later.