Friday, 30 December 2016

Make Your Years Count

This probably sounds like some cheesy midlife crisis blog but stick with me on this.

The other day my friend came to me and said that there are 240 hours in 10 days and started talking about how shes wasting her life.  Naturally, I told her to shut the fuck up because shes 17 but she has a point.

On average we all get 87 years on this earth so we better make them count.  We've all looked back on 2016 and thought "Jesus Christ, what a crap year that was!" but have we really done anything about it?  Did we set out to make it a better year?  You may not be able to stop all of the horrific tragedies that have happened this year but what has stopped you from doing something good.  Giving money to a charity or visiting a sick or elderly loved one.  Not huge things but all things that make a difference.

That's why next year I am making a vow.  It will be a good year because I will make it a good year.  I'm going to start being more positive and I'm going to make good happen.  I could sit and mope around or I could get off of my arse and make my last year of college count before going off to university.  Work my arse off to do well in my exams and do one hell of a fundraiser in february and its going to be something I'm proud of.  Something i can look back on and think "I did that and it was fucking awesome!"  Something that will get me through the down days.

If I don't post before, have a great new years eve and remember, end on a soft drink, pint of water and something salty to avoid a hang over!