Me as a sports freak/biologist

This is probably the biggest part of me!  All of my life I have had problems with my weight from being anorexic to being overweight post breakdown and not wanting to exercise.  Now I love to exercise, I love sport and I'm on a mission to get fit and run the London Marathon.  It's a long term target but one I am excited to reach.

I started running in the summer of 2015 training to run Race For Life 5K for Cancer Research and fell in love.  I have always been a huge swimmer and cyclist but now I add running to the list too.

So how does this link to my blog?

As a biologist there is nothing I hate more than fad diets that are dangerous and don't work like juicing and my all time favourite the 5:2 diet and i also know that fitness is the safest way to loose weight so I bust the myths about fad diets but most importantly, trial the fad fitness routines!  Do they work? Are they safe? Let's find out!

First of all though, my disclaimer:
I am under constant supervision of my doctor who constantly tracks my weight, blood pressure and everything else needed.  I know the signs to look out for when something is getting dangerous so I am safe to do so but if you have any medical conditions AT ALL that could possibly, just in the slightest be aggravated by these exercises CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR FIRST!